Meet My New Pot

It’s wonderful, red and super awesome!  Thank you Dad!

I made a pork stew with mashed cauliflower in my new pot.  Yummay.

I chopped up a bunch of aromatics, onions, garlic, shallots and ginger.  Sweet!

The thing I love about this pot is that the enamel lining does browning right.  This is what the pot looked like when I was done sauteing the aromatics:

LOOK at that awesome goodness!!!!!

Then I browned the meat and added the aromatics back.  Then I added in the spices and herbs:

I’m digging smoked paprika right now.  It’s such a great flavor.  I also added in some ground dried porcini mushrooms (that bark like stuff on top).  I’m not a fan of mushroom texture but porcinis have actual FLAVOR, so I found that if I grind them, they add flavor and texture to the sauce without adding that booger texture I dislike.  I’ve also taken to adding turmeric every chance I get.  It’s got some properties that make it helpful yet tasty.

There is the pork, aromatics and herbs/spices all mixed together.  Then I threw in a can of tomatoes, the rest of the Thanksgiving wine and a slice of stale italian bread whizzed in the same coffee grinder I used on the mushrooms.

Then I baked it covered in the oven for four hours.  Oh baby!

Finished Dish?  Next post.

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One Response to Meet My New Pot

  1. Camy says:

    Smoked paprika is my new very favorite flavoring. I use it on eggs, popcorn, rice, meat and nearly everything. Makes a nice garnish on eggs salad, potato salad, fish noodle salad etc.

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