My Kitchen Garden, Part 1

These are all pictures I took a few weeks ago.

Dragon & Chives

This is my perennial herb bed, there’s oregano, four or five different kinds of thyme including coconut, oregano, winter savory, chives, garlic chives and some tarragon, which isn’t technically perennial.  I need to pick some tarragon up.  I love it.  So much.


Behind the rhubarb was nothing, at that time.  This picture was taken on April 8th.  My niece, Shimmy, promised to make us a crumble.  I wait, semi-patiently.  You can see the buds.

Rhubarb Blossom

That’s the blossom.  Sort of weird, no?

Future Blueberries

My future berries!



My peas, the awesome peas.  I’ve got a neat recipe a fresh pea and cilantro spread.  YAY!!!

More later.

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