Historic Ales of Scotland – Booze Tasting

About a year ago I saw this package of Historic Ales of Scotland, a collection of four bottles, in the booze store.  I had to get it.  If you know me, you’d know why it was imperative that I try this stuff.  Some of the recipes are from the early Medieval period.  MUST try….  So we bought the box, tested the ales and then I didn’t post anything.  Doh!

Williams Brothers Brewing makes five historic recipe ales.  The last time I got the box there were only four in the box.  This time, there were only four in the box BUT the flagship heather ale was available by the bottle in the bumper section.  Sweet!  I can try all five!!!  YAY!!!!

In this installment of Booze Tasting, I test two ales.

Heather Ale – Fraoch.

The company says that this type of ale has been brewed since 2000 BC.  Mmmm, old booze.

I would drink this ale regularly.  It’s slightly sweet, a little bitter and just a nice drink.  Though, I wonder if it tasted like this back in the day.  This is a very drinkable ale, it wasn’t hard to drink that whole bottle rather quickly.  I was kind of surprised.  YIKES.  Of course, when this ale was drunk regularly it was included in the breakfast of champions for the Picts.  While I was not tempted to smear myself with woad and pick up a harp, I enjoyed this beer very much.

Elderberry Black Ale – Ebulum

There were more people at my house when I tried this one, so I had to share it.  Therefore, I don’t know if I’d drink a whole bottle.  I did like this ale, not as much as I liked the heather ale.  Luis made a face when he tasted it, but he’s rather fond of kool-aide.  Yeah, he’s an adult.  Everyone else liked it.  I could taste the elderberries.  I’m just not sure I’d buy a six pack of this beer.

Note: The company’s website cracks me up.  There are dozens of misspellings.  Of course, they are brewers.

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3 Responses to Historic Ales of Scotland – Booze Tasting

  1. Penny Henderson says:

    If only I liked beer AT ALL I would be sorely tempted. Could you try out the best of “Scotch” whiskeys for me. They make some incredible stuff in Nova Scotia, which they are not able to call Scotch, but it is.

    By the way–your mother was partially right–it is POSSIBLE to use too much garlic, but I have only done it once in 67 years, so clearly it is very difficult.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Actually, I think I need to do the best of Scotch whiskeys WITH you. And maybe we should do this when Martha comes to visit this summer? Oooo, that is so a plan. I’ll figure out what to have along side the Scotches we try.

    Well, Penny, if you can use too much garlic, I suppose I still have something to strive for. 😀

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