The Kitchen Garden This Week

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I’ve got a lot of weeding to do, but I am enjoying my garden this year more than I have ever before.  My sister Laura was asking me what I get out of it.  Pleasure.  Pure pleasure.

Yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s good, solid happy work.  When I leave for my paying job in the morning I am torn, I would much rather stay home and work in my garden, in my yard.

Right now, outside smells so incredibly amazing.  I noticed it even as I walked from my building to the parking garage – everywhere just smells good because of all the blooms.

There is also a satisfaction I get when I’ve completed some bit of a bed and I can stand back and just look at it.  Then when it comes back next year?  Oh my.  I watch and wait for all my perennials to come back, especially the ones that die all the way back to the ground like my bleeding hearts.  In the spring when I see the bulbs or plants peeking their little heads out again it’s very much like seeing an old, beloved friend come back.

Vegetable gardens are a totally different kind of happy.  I love to choose lettuces to eat.  I like having all kinds of colors included in the mix.  Radishes?  Oh my.  And the peas…rapture.  But the tomatoes, oh how I love them.  I actually enjoy growing them as much as I enjoy eating them.  I like the whole process.

What I get out of gardening would be joy.

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