Winning the Swag Lottery

My Burning Kitchen blogger, Darlene, held a lottery for a box of swag she’s collected being a food blogger.  I winned it!

Egon teh Kitteh checked out the box first, just to be sure it’s safe.  He also likes to make sure my bacon is safe by insisting on being the first to eat any.  That’s how he rolls.  Oddly for a Kitteh, he also likes buttered toast.  URGENTLY likes buttered toast, but he’s insistent about the bacon.

The box of swag!  It has STUFF, fun stuff.  Stuff I didn’t expect, like a random book and a cute little voodoo doll.  I like the True Blood CD and my boss’s wife likes the True Blood t-shirt.  YAY!

Thank you, Darlene!

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One Response to Winning the Swag Lottery

  1. Darlene says:

    Yay! Glad you got the package! Congrats again.

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