Yellowfin Awesomeness

If James Bond ordered tuna he would do it thusly: Tuna, fresh not canned.  He would be right.  Though, don’t get me wrong, I like a good tuna fish sandwich.

Yesterday I was walking by the fish counter at Whole Foods when my name was shrieked by a sweet piece of lovely yellowfin tuna.

I like the paper the fish monger wraps the tuna up in.  Sometime soon I need to go back and get some fish to make curry.  Since, if Bond ate curry….

Because it takes so very, very little time to properly cook a tuna steak, I wanted to get everything else ready first.  I found some Israeli couscous at Whole Foods, only it was called “pearled” couscous.  Why? 

For Israeli couscous I like to saute it first, last night I sauteed shallots first and then added the couscous until is was toasty.

After the toasting I added a mix of water, Viognier and chicken stock with a bit of salt.  I brought it to a boil over medium and then lowered the temp and covered.  It took a while  to cook, about 30 minutes.  That’s a very long time for couscous.  But it’s ever so worth it.  Before it was done I added a bunch of dill and some butter.  If you get really weirded out about texture you might not like this couscous, I like it.  If you add the butter before all the liquid is gone this couscous does a sort of risotto sort of sauce all by itself.

I also had some fresh green beans that I barely cooked, they were still crisp.  Yum.

Now for the yellowfin.

Mmmm.  Tuna.  Look at that fish.  It’s firm and beefy.

I split the steak in two so I could more easily control the cooking time.  You don’t want to cook this fish through, it should be a bit red when you’re done.  I wanted to taste the fish so I only used sea salt, pepper and olive oil.

I used my trusty cast iron pan,

And achieved this:

This was our plate:

Oh, baby…come to mamma:

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