Finishing Stock

In the week before Thanksgiving I made stock from all the carcasses I’d saved up. I put all the bones and leftover meat (poultry only) into a large stock pot with herbs, onions, garlic and some spices.  I let it simmer all day, adding water back to make sure the bones are covered.

Then I let it cool, I strain it and then I reduce it.  After that, which is usually the second day, I cool it for the final time.

The stock has taken on the caramel color of the browned bits of bone, skin and meat.  It’s pretty.  And once it’s cooled, it’s jelly.  First, though, I have to scrape all the fat off.

Those flecks of dark are bits of porccini mushrooms that I threw in.

That’s all the ookie fat scraped off the top.  It isn’t worth saving for anything.  It’s flavor is all the in stock.

Look at that!  A bowl full of virtually fat free flavory awesomeness.  You don’t need tons of this in a dish, it’s pretty concentrated.  Like a 1/4 cup added to couscous at the end of it’s time cooking coats the couscous and makes it’s own sauce.  Turning this wonderfulness into gravy makes me happier than I can tell you.  Happy.

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