Flagstone Patio – Part 1

We used to have a tree that provided shade to our front door.  Then that tree got big.  Then that tree started shedding branches that would crash down on our cars.  Then we chopped that tree down.

What didn’t happen is that the trees roots didn’t magically remove themselves from under our driveway and flagstone patio.  While it’s been more than a decade since that tree went away, it’s roots have remained.  And remained.  Some even grew.

Many of the roots pushed the flagstones up and made them unstable.  Which meant that people tripped, tripping is bad.

We had some sand, so I’m transferring that from the back yard to the front.  It’s not done yet, and as usual with me, I didn’t get a before picture.

You can see that there is a root there in the lower right corner.  At least that one was out in the open. I had to live each stone, dig out the roots, add sand and level it out, then replace the stone.

See all that rootage?  It’s always a good day when I get to use an axe.

Yay! for sharp axes.

At this point, I’ve got about 1/3 of the outer portion of the patio done.  There is a concrete walkway running through the middle of it.  Eventually I’d like to get Irish Moss and thyme growing in between the stones, so I’ve set them a little bit farther apart than they were before.  Maybe some corsican mint, which lets off this wonderful minty smell when you walk across it.  The minty smell stays with you so if you walk across it barefoot your feets get minty. 😀

This is the bit next to the front door.  I’ve only completed the part next to the house on the far side of the concrete path.  The inside bit still has to be raise at least an inch to be level with the concrete.  Level is good.

When I’m done with the first section, I’ll post more pictures.  There are some HUGE roots at work in this section that have also pushed up a lip of the paved driveway that have created a tripping hazard for Dad.  So I’ve got to figure that out.  Hopefully we will.

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One Response to Flagstone Patio – Part 1

  1. Lynn says:

    “It’s always a good day when I get to use an axe.”

    I am woman, hear me roar!!!

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