Green Soup – Updated

I’ll have to post the recipe later.  Frankly I do not remember it.

I do remember what I thought about it, though.  I made this soup out of all the leftover fresh green stuff in my fridge; lettuce, herbs, spinach.  This soup tastes WONDERFUL the first day, less so each day after.  I think that’s because the lettuce oxidizes.  Plus, it’s just so very GREEN when it’s done.   Delicious.

The brown stuff on the top is Maggi.

UPDATE! Teh Recipe!

I made this soup last night that was wonderful.  I thought you might like it because.

1 chicken breast – cubed

1 cup of rice

1 onion – diced

6 cloves garlic – 4 diced & smashed, 2 whole

1 big chunk of ginger – diced

1 teaspoon chinese 5 spice

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 box frozen spinach

½ bag frozen peas

½ box salad mix w/herbs

Stock – about 6 cups

1 cup boiling water

2 tbsp olive oil

Juice of one lemon

  1. Defrost the spinach in the microwave.
  2. Pour the peas into a small pot/bowl with the 2 whole cloves, cover with the boiling water and let sit.
  3. Sauté the chicken & onions.  Add the ginger, garlic and 5 spice powder after the onions are translucent.  Add the rice.  Sauté for one minute. Add salt and pepper.
  4. Add 4 cups of stock, simmer until rice is done.
  5. Put the lettuce mix, peas and garlic and spinach in a blender, add one cup of stock.  Blend until smooth.  (I warmed the stock up in the microwave, not super hot, just warm. Add more stock if you need to get the puree smooth.  It should be bright green.
  6. Right before serving pour the green puree in, stir it about, add salt and pepper to taste.
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