Stones I’ve Collected

When travelling home from a trip inevitably my Dad will ask me if I’ve packed rocks in my bags.  Just as inevitably I affirm that I have indeed packed rocks in my bags.  Then I tell Dad that I’ve put rocks in his bags too.   So now I’ve got these collections of rocks that just gather dust.  So what to do, what to do…

My favorite stone is the black and tan cow marked one.  This is now under the downspout near my front door.  Yay! Pretty.

I got the idea for this when I visited a friend’s house.  She had this very pretty arrangement of rocks in the corner of one bed.  I came home and did this about two hours later.  I’ll keep adding to it as new rocks are collected.

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One Response to Stones I’ve Collected

  1. My children give me “pretty rocks for you Mommy” all the time. I have a potted flower garden on our sidewalk beside the front door. They all go in there!

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