Vegetable Garden 2011

This was the view from my backyard this evening, after a storm.  Lovely, lovely sky.

I had to rip out the old worn out oregano thyme.  In years past it was HUGE.  This year it was just dead.  There was a bit of it left, that bit right in the middle there.  YAY! It was Mom’s old thyme, I’m glad it survived.  In the pot I’ve got patchouli, to the left is oregano, garlic chives and a red geranium because I could.  To the left of the pot is a curry plant, closer in is a lavender thyme, behind is taragon.  In front of the dragon is winter savory, on the far side is caraway thyme and on the near is coconut thyme.  At the very end are classic chives.

My strawberry bed, I’ve got three sweet little elfin thymes growing inbetween the strawberry plants.

Tomatoes.  Well, future tomatoes. 😀


Zucchini.  I’ll be picking these tomorrow for dinner.  Nummy.


Boysenberries, but for me they’re girlsenberries.

The garden gate, lovely clematis.  It blew down two years ago, then I had to cut it back severely last fall.  Hopefully in two years it will be back to it’s former glory.

Lemon Thyme.  This one is huge and very fragrant.  It’s got a bit of vinca growing through.

Strawberry blossom!

The Mullien Who Guard the Entrance.

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5 Responses to Vegetable Garden 2011

  1. Charlotte says:

    To quote Alan Paton, Ah, but your land is beautiful! I’m especially envious of the quality of your soil. Ours is only good for aardvark habitation. I’ll be thinking of you as you enjoy your fresh Zucchini. Guess I’ll have to make due with shop-bought ones until our weather improves. Until then, I’ll be living vicariously through this blog.

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow. You really aren’t kidding around with this gardening stuff, huh?

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Yes, Nancy, I love the whole process.

    Except for the poison ivy.

    Charlotte, if I could be rid of morning glories and the above mentioned plant from the pit of hell, I think it would be perfect.

  4. Dana says:

    Oh my, what a beautiful garden… but even more enticing to me is the wonderful backdrop of woods. Great trees bordering your yard… very east coast, no West Coast concrete block walls separating properties, just grand greenery!

  5. Charlotte says:

    I was thinking the same thing re your open yard and all that greenery. The only difference, it seems, between Cali and SA is that down here our concrete walls would be topped with spikes and electric fencing. I’m amazed whenever I see one of those mansions on “cribs” (blushes) as to the lack of perimeter walls. Don’t tell me they don’t have burglaries.

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