Early Summer Yard

A vacation to Vegas and Dallas to be with my ever so wonderful boyfriend was unbelievable fabulous.  It interrupted my weeding, but seriously, who cares for weeds when there is such a man to love?  Not me.  So these pictures include lots of weeds.  Whatev’s.

The last couple years of Mom’s life, a number of the beds in our yard became neglected.  Then for a couple of years after we did a bit here and there to keep it up, but not really renovating and pruning like we needed to, so now there are beds that are really overgrown with weeds, mostly Melissa – wild generic mint.

This bed under the back window is horribly overgrown.  It still has the callas, yucca and a few hellebore, but not much else.  I want to save the calla lillies and the hellebore and move the yucca to the sun.

Sometime last year, Charlie and Sue from church gave me a huge palette of old bricks they were pulling out of their yard.  We had a short pass through path about 2 feet by 2 feet from the patio to the lawn here.  Dad wanted to extend it, so he’s been working two rows a day for a few weeks.  I think it looks great.

Sue said that some of these bricks are 100 + years old.  They are lovely.  Some were used to pave Annapolis, now they have a home in my backyard.  I really like it, Dad’s happy and it makes him even happier to know that Mom would have loved it.  The path will take a jog there at the end because of some big tree roots we can’t dig out.

I’d like to add some hydrangea, cranesbill, wild ginger, giant hosta and coral bells to this bed. I’d like to redo the clematis climbing the house next to the windows like Mom had about 15 years ago, but Dad doesn’t like anything on the house.

My window box.  It continues to please me.  I like the way the creeping jenny drapes over the edge.  And I’m seriously happy that the hydrangea in the pot is going to bloom this year.  It’s a florists plant I bought on a lark a few years ago.  I’m happily suprised that it’s survived and thrived in that pot to decorate our front door.  The stone patio is still looking good.  Yay!

My current favorite plant (one of them, anyway) is this one – Gaura or Wand Flower.  Delicious, no?  It will bloom all summer, which makes me happy, and the blooms will wave about in the wind.

This is the rest of the front bed, it gives us a bit of privacy at the front door without cutting it off from the street.  I love the tiny plants I have here, a miniature rose, hollyhock and some lavender thyme.  Also, that silver mound is artemesia – wormwood.  It’s all about being fun to touch, and it is.  It also smells lovely.

This is the front bed on the edge of the property.  It used to be covered in ivy, both the Boston and the poison kind.  Now it’s filled with lovely lovely shade plants. 😀

Coral bells.  I love these flowers and their plants.  Huechera is another name.  They come in all sorts of colors and love shade.

YAY! for color in the shade.

Right behind it you can see the starts of a plant I’ve been jonesing for – a Japanese forest grass.  When full grown it will be like a waterfall of green loveliness.

Beyond that are several giant hostas getting their giant on.

This is another new path.  We’ve given up trying to grow grass there, so now it’s been covered in mulch for a decade.  When the tree fell in last year’s hurricane, we had some pavers to move in order to clean up.  They fit right here.  I want to plant a few more monarda to decorate this corner, which leads to:

The roses.





They are at the end of their run, but that area remains lovely and smells amazing.

Grandma Whelan’s Roses.  I love these.

This is a moss rose.  It’s fragrance is simply incredible.  Love these, love love love.

Next – the vegetable garden.




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One Response to Early Summer Yard

  1. Charlotte Corbett says:

    Love what y’alls have been doing to the garden, and the paving looks lovely. Gaura is one of my favs too, we’ve got them all along our drive. We prune them back in early winter (now) and they’re good to go for the next season. For some reason WordPress has not been informing me about your new posts, I came investigating and I wasn’t disappointed. Note the use of the “Texan” y’alls. Yay love, yay flowers!

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