Knit Purl

Or something like that.  I’ve been learning more and more about knitting lately.  Ravelry is my faborite.  I can peruse patterns, learn from the forums and see what’s out there.  My friend from church, Julie, has helped teach me things I just didn’t get.

So I’ll post more often, I’ll be posting knitting things here.  Lots of pictures, yarn love…stuff.

Here goes, a great big dump of fun yarny things.






This cotton has become a dress for Kyleigh. I think it’s going to be too big, but I hope not for long.  It’s very shiney and soft.  But it’s very shiney and soft so it’s the kind of thing that will grow as she wears it.  The fun part is that the skirt is very swirly.  It’s nearly a full circle.

Next is the Holden Shawlette for Laura.  In this one I use Malabrigo Sock yarn.  There are yarns and then there are yarns.  Malabrigo is of the second sort.  It’s in the Indeceita colorway.  (Yeah, it’s an annoying name for a type of color/palatte, but that’s the name so colorway it is.)

I want to post a couple more of this one, only because of the process of knitting lace and a thing I learned called “blocking”.



See the pin? You take a finished piece, soak in wool wash (if it’s an animal fiber – it doesn’t work with the others.  Especially acrylic.) Then you ring it out, then lay it out.  If it’s a complicated sort of thing, like lace, you pin it in the shape you want it to be.
This is pre-blocking:

See how it’s all curled up and scrunchy?  So blocking solves that.  And short of soaking it again, the piece will retain it’s new shape.


Now, here’s a thing I just started, an owly scarf for someone special.  The yarn is some Anzula my boyfriend bought for me when we were in NYC.  I got to go to Purl Soho!  Srsly.  Sort of a yarny mecca.

This has not yet been blocked.  I love the owl.

This yarn is like butter on a bald monkey.  It’s super soft, cashmerey and it’s a delicious color too.

Another view:




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