Hilariously Cute

This tiny sweater continues to crack me up. I love it!


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5 Responses to Hilariously Cute

  1. VerĂ³nica says:

    What inspired you to knit it? It is cute!

  2. vivianlouise says:

    I saw the pattern on Ravelry and thought that it would make a fun project for Christmas. I had some sock yarn I was never going to make into socks, so I used that to make this. Next year, I’ve got plans…..

  3. mexigogue says:

    Next time wash in cold water. Yeeesh!

  4. Tex Commando says:

    Have you been to the knitting boutique yet? You should come to the knitting boutique. Your knitting is beautiful.

  5. vivianlouise says:

    Aww, thank you! I’ve been by, I love the shop but I haven’t been there in ages. Right now I’ve getting ready to get married and move to Texas in a month! (OMG! I”VE ONLY GOT A MONTH!)

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