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Enchiladas Suizas

This recipe is from  You can find it here.  I’m also copying it out because stuff goes missing every now and then and I want this.  Forever.  (I’ve also subscribed to Saveur for years.  Wonderful magazine, one of the … Continue reading

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Beef Tacos with Gravy

You have to trust me, taco gravy is real and it is really good.  This gravy is not thickened only because I didn’t thicken it.  You are welcome too, though beware of thickening it early, it will burn if you … Continue reading

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My Wedding Shawl – Rendezvous

This is a very complex pattern in a rather complex colorway – Driftwood on Fingering Merino by Sundara Yarns. The pattern is Rendezvous by Lily Go.

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Hilariously Cute

This tiny sweater continues to crack me up. I love it!

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The Green Lonely Tree

This is almost the last of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca from my learn to make a sweater adventure last January. I love this green. I’m not sure if I’m keeping it or giving it away. I dunno. Either way, I’m … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on a new project that is taking up a ton of time. A lace weight cardigan. Working with lace weight yarn is rather like knitting with thick thread – it takes FOREVER to get an inch done. … Continue reading

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Knit Purl

Or something like that.  I’ve been learning more and more about knitting lately.  Ravelry is my faborite.  I can peruse patterns, learn from the forums and see what’s out there.  My friend from church, Julie, has helped teach me things … Continue reading

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Gotta Feed Everybody

Srsly adorable.

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Pickled Radishes

Radishes.  With butter and salt.  Oh my. I just had too many. Yesterday morning I pulled all my radishes out.  I needed to replant anyway, and there were at least half that weren’t ever going to become radishes, just getting … Continue reading

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The Verizon Mother’s & Father’s Day Commercials

Here is the version of the Mother’s Day commercial I liked the best: (Verizon changed it later so you could understand the weepy women.  Meh.  It was funnier when you needed the subtitles.) Here is the Father’s Day Version: I … Continue reading

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