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Hurricane Causa

My nephew Dirk will be heading out for Navy boot camp in a few days.  YAY! Dirk! His brother planned a lovely party.  And then it became a going away/hurricane party.  We ended up not going because Dad. Don’t ask. … Continue reading

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The Pear I Love

Just sharing.  I like pears.  A lot.  But there is a pear that has my heart. Come to Mamma!  Oh, Asian Pear.  Love. Look at that fine flesh, all juicy and sweet. So pretty.  So already gone and in mah … Continue reading

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Chef Symon Did This To Me

Last night I was watching Iron Chef America with Chef Michael Symon.  He’s just so fun to watch.  I refuse to watch Bobby Flay and I’m not fond of Cat Cora.  I haven’t seen the new guy, Batali is gone … Continue reading

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Meet My New Pot, Part II

I have a pitifully old laptop, so it won’t let me add too many pictures to a single post. So, when we last met over my new pot, Hildegard, my pork stew looked like this: Four hours later, it looked … Continue reading

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This is my basic stuffing recipe, I bake it outside of the turkey because the turkey cooks better that way. As per usual, my cooking style doesn’t follow a specific recipe, it’s more of a method and an acknowledgement of … Continue reading

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Nigella’s Gingerbread Stuffing

Or dressing, for people in Texas. 😀 I love this cookbook and use it all the time. I bought it a few years ago and now it’s written in and getting smudgy on some pages.  But that’s okay.  I like … Continue reading

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